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Paul Simon – Graceland (1986)

March 14, 2012

[Album 28/1001]

Graceland definitely doesn’t sound like a typical studio record. In fact, the controversial recording process for Graceland was anything but conventional; it was primarily recorded in South Africa (during Apartheid) and featured several South African musicians.

You Can Call Me Al has one of the top hooks of the 80’s and ought to be listened to as the opening track on side B as opposed to track 6 on a continuous playlist.  Combined with a funny video with Chevy Chase, it made for a standout single.  (Brief but relevant sidenote, whether you care for Chevy or not, his current TV show Community is one of the all-time greats.  Start watching when it returns to NBC on March 15th.  If it’s not too much trouble.)

One of my friends (and a fellow Community enthusiast) insists that in terms of Paul Simon-solo, Rhythm of The Saints is a stronger record.  Alas, it wasn’t included in the 1001 albums list; regardless of its ranking within the Paul Simon catalogue, and especially considering the context of its recording, Graceland is worthy of important album recognition.

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  1. Your friend is right, Rhythm Of The Saints is the better album, just.

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