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Miles Davis – Kind of Blue (1959)

March 11, 2012

[Album 27/1001]

Sometimes stories about the recording process can further enhance an album’s appeal.

Phrases such as ‘most influential album of all-time’ are often used to describe Kind of Blue.  That’s not merely the most influential jazz album but the most influential album, period. 

Impressive legacy, especially considering the musicians had such little knowledge of what they were recording at the time! 

Davis believed in minimal preparation, giving his musicians only brief sketches of what the five pieces would be.  Quickly record side one of the LP at one session, side two at another, and presto, an all-time masterpiece.

Admittedly, my jazz palate is not overly refined, but you don’t have to be aficionado to appreciate Kind of Blue.  It’s accessible and the record as a whole begs repeated listens.

Quincy Jones perhaps said it best, “I play Kind of Blue every day – it’s my orange juice.”


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