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Prince & The Revolution – Purple Rain (1984)

March 8, 2012

[Album 26/1001]

Forget the title ‘The Artist’ or ‘The Artist formerly known as Prince.’

Or as Weird Al suggested, he should become a scent as opposed to a written or spoken name, and be *scent.* (though that is brilliant.) 

Forget the caricature…Prince in 1984 is fantastic.

The outstanding When Doves Cry and the toe-tapping Let’s Go Crazy were easy choices to be released as singles.

Though not released as a single, the album track Darling Nikki is notable for a couple of other reasons:

1. It was partly responsible for the introduction of  ‘Parental Advisory’ stickers on album covers with questionable lyrical content.

2. For Fresh Prince of Belair fans – it turns out the song Will sings on a tricycle during the earthquake is to the tune of Darling Nikki!

On the list of ‘top movie soundtracks,’ Purple Rain is definitely a contender.

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