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Foo Fighters – Foo Fighters (1995)

March 5, 2012

[Album 25/1001]

Is there a more likeable musician than Dave Grohl?

He goes from drummer of the biggest grunge band in the world (Nirvana) to long-time frontman of one of the most popular rock bands (Foo Fighters).  Not to mention side projects playing with Queens of the Stone Age/Tenacious D/Them Crooked Vultures/Slash and many, many more.

All without any sort of visible pompous stadium-rock star ego.  He genuinely seems to be about the music.

On Foo Fighters, he wrote all the songs, and then recorded all the parts (except a single guitar track) by himself in a week.

The band made terrific videos in the 90’s, most notably Everlong, Learn To Fly, and from this record, Big Me.

His quotes leading up to the 2012 Grammy’s, at the show itself, and following the acceptance speech backlash were refreshingly unscripted.  Though I’m not always a huge fan of the music, it’s tough not to cheer for Grohl. 

The self-titled debut is also my favourite from the Foos.  It’s fun, it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and especially in the wake of Kurt Cobain’s death, it was just the right album to release.  No scouring the lyrics to find hidden meanings, just solid tunes like I’ll Stick Around & This is a Call

If you’re feeling somewhat disenchanted with the state of popular music in 2012, Foo Fighters is the perfect antidote; a nice reminder of how fun it can be to go into a studio, press record and just play.

In keeping with Dave’s thank you speeches – a couple acknowledgements of my own, with slightly less profanity.  Thanks Megan for lending me this audiocassette (nice!) and many other albums from the 1001 list.  And kudos to the Kingston Frontenac Public Library System for having so many of these albums on compact disc, much appreciated!

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