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Elastica – Elastica (1995)

February 29, 2012

[Album 23/1001]

If it had been released one year later, Elastica’s hit song Connection would have been a shoe-in for the initial Much Music Big Shiny Tunes compilation.

It has all the right ingredients: simple, catchy hook + blasé vocals + borderline annoying instrumention = classic 90’s alternative single.

Elastica is certainly an efficient album, 16 songs in just over 40 minutes.  Lead singer Justine Frischmann’s reply to the short song lengths is terrific: “Want to hear the chorus again, rewind it.”

Yet overall, I kept thinking of a quote from Ocean’s Eleven (at 26 seconds):

He’s got to like you but then forget you…outside of a couple other standout tracks (S.O.F.T. and All-nighter), that’s about the case with Elastica’s self-titled 1995 effort.  Enjoyable in the short-term, perhaps not particularly memorable in the long-term.

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