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Kate Bush – Hounds of Love (1985)

February 13, 2012

Image[Album 18/1001]

When I heard Peter Gabriel’s duet with Kate Bush (Don’t Give Up), I remember thinking, ‘gee, she sounds an awful lot like Tori Amos.’ 

Considering the release date of Hounds of Love, it appears the apple doesn’t fall far UP the tree.

Side one, titled ‘Hounds of Love,’ is stellar.  Perhaps not surprisingly, it featured all four singles; personal preferences are the title track, Running Up That Hill and Cloudbusting.

Listening to this album was a learning experience: I hadn’t realized the Futureheads’ (also excellent) Hounds of Love was a cover.  Their interpretation took the song in a whole new direction; I’d argue it’s on par with Kate’s original version.

Another eye-opener was the chorus of Cloudbusting.  It turns out the Utah Saints’ Something Good, relied quite heavily on this Kate Bush vocal sample.  Ahh well, add it to the list of early 90’s dance hits based on borrowed hooks (Ice Ice Baby, U Can’t Touch This…).

The second side of the album, ‘The Ninth Wave,’ isn’t as accessible, particularly the song Waking the Witch.  During my first listen to that track, I felt like the bemused crowd in the Back to the Future clip below (at 2:38).

However, Michael J. Fox’s reaction may eventually apply here as well: “I guess you guys aren’t ready for that yet…but your kids are going to love it.”  So I suppose we’ll see!

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  1. Holen permalink

    This album is a god damned masterpiece! Even side two.

    • I agree – and though side one is currently my preference, I wouldn’t be surprised if side two eventually catches up

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