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Rolling Stones – Exile on Main Street (1972)

February 3, 2012

Image[Album 13/1001]

Wayne Gretzky dominated the NHL in the 1980’s, shattering dozens of records, winning the Hart Trophy for most valuable player in all but one season.  Although his statistics slowed down to more human levels in the following decade, he continued to play quite well until his retirement in 1999.

One of Wayne’s final international appearances was as the Captain of Team Canada in the 1996 World Cup of Hockey, the great forgotten hockey tournament.  Alas, Canada finished (gasp) 2nd to the USA; the inevitable blame was partially directed at the Great One.

Despite leading the team in scoring, Gretzky had the misfortune of not only having to compete with current players but more impossibly, with fans’ memories of his former, younger, more dominant self. 

Ahh the curse of longevity; something Mick Jagger, Keith Richards & The Rolling Stones can certainly relate to.


Exile on Main Street, their 1972 effort, is the most recent Rolling Stones entry on the 1001 albums list.  It’s a double LP, a couple very strong songs (Rocks Off, Sweet Virginia) and some nice work throughout by the backing band. 

For the ultimate verdict, Jagger’s 2003 re-assessment of the album sums it up perfectly, “I’m not too sure how great the songs are, but put together it’s a nice piece.” 

It’s worth noting that after this record, nothing from the last four decades of Rolling Stones music made the list. 

Perhaps their biggest mistake was having such a strong initial decade (1962-1972).

If they’d called it quits after Exile on Main Street, it would be interesting to see the impact on their legacy.

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