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CCR – Green River (1969)

January 22, 2012

[Album 10/1001]

I like the idea of Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR).Image

Any band that fans can affectionately refer to by an acronym (BTO, GNR, GNFNR for that matter) has a certain charm.

I remember hearing someone play Bad Moon Rising at an open mic night and it was extremely well received.

CCR songs from other records have worked well in soundtracks (such as Fortunate Son in Forrest Gump) and have also been covered effectively (Tina Turner’s take on Proud Mary leaps to mind).

Green River was CCR’s third of six albums in a two and a half year period.  A rate of one new studio album every five months; it’s tough to adhere to the maxim of ‘quality over quantity’ at that pace.

That’s also a lot of John Fogerty who had the following tasks during his time with the group: lead vocals, lead guitar, composer, arranger, producer, even saxophone & keyboards.

So perhaps Mr. Fogerty is comparable to Jack Black.  In smaller doses, such as in High Fidelity, he can be fantastic.  As the lead, it can be a lot of Jack.

Solid singles?  Hard to disagree.  Albums?  At least this one, not as strong.

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