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The La’s – The La’s (1990)

January 19, 2012

Image[Album 9/1001]

One question was nagging throughout multiple listens of The La’s eponymous record: Who does the singer (Lee Mavers) remind me of??    

I’ve narrowed it down to two possibilities:

1)      Himself, as There She Goes is so familiar I’m thinking of that track
2)      A combination of Ian Brown (Stone Roses) and Chris Martin (Coldplay)

Either way, it’s good, though he’d be the last to tell you.  Upon the album’s release, he immediately disowned it; the title of ‘perfectionist’ appears to be an understatement.

Nice clean guitars throughout, I Can’t Sleep & Doledrum are among the standout tracks.

It’s tough not to dwell on the big single though: the oft-covered There She Goes is still one of the top pop songs in recent memory.  It had the right ingredients: 

– Mostly a four chord pattern (G, D, C, Am with an Em or two later in the song). 
– The lead guitar part is so simple, yet so effective. 
– The chorus vocal drift into falsetto. 
– The (repeated) inclusion in So I Married An Axe Murderer (the first 45 minutes of the film are still quotable!)

This original version trumps all covers – though top marks to the Boo Radleys for including the James Hetfield-esque “there she goes…ahh, there she goes again…nah” in their version.

It’s a pity this was their only studio album.

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