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Bruce Springsteen – Born in the USA (1984)

December 17, 2011

[Album 4/1001]

YouTube clip success!

Although my introduction to Courteney Cox was through (the timeless?) Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, people about ten years my senior were likely introduced to her through this video.  Big fan of the dance sequence at the end.

Also a big fan of the album.

I feel because it was so commercially successful I should be complaining but Born in the USA is a great listen, from the keyboard intro of the title track to the fadeout of My hometown.

It’s also the first one on the blog I’ve listened to on vinyl and the running order lends itself very well to side A/side B.  I’m on fire is a perfect closer to side A; Max (also Conan O’Brien’s former bandleader) Weinberg’s quick drum fills on No surrender get side B started nicely.

I’d have loved to hear this performed cover-to-cover by the Boss & the E Street band at a local bar (as in the video for Glory Days).  Due to its ridiculous popularity, I’m guessing no such intimate shows happened in support of the record.  Still, with seven hit singles from this album alone, a sold-out stadium show would probably have been a solid venue to hear these 12 tracks live ‘back in the day.’

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  1. devon permalink

    I, too, appreciate the Boss! He has a powerful raw voice that definitely lends itself to the ordinary man’s bar, not to mention always a toe-tapping beat! But amazingly, it seems that Carleton Banks’ dance moves were not original, but rather stolen from the Boss himself!

  2. I’m pretty sure you man Courteney Cox.

    Courtney Cox is a guitarist with the all-female Iron-Maiden cover band The Iron Maidens. Check them out if you want something which is both bizarre and well done. (Probably only fans of Iron Maiden can appreciate the fact that they cover quite difficult songs very well. Watching and listening to a low-resolution video (or without necessary eyeglasses), even an Iron Maiden fan might mistake them for the real thing.)

    • I was intending the former friends star, yes! I’ve heard of “Sheezer” (all female group covering early Weezer) but The Iron Maidens may be an even better name.

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